Yunnan Pounded Mashed Potato (云南哈尼舂洋芋)

Hani peoples pounded potato! This Yunnan dish is a… sort of mind bending mashed potato. It’s just as smooth as that classic buttery mash but – it’s chewy, kind of like a rice cake.

It’s pretty easy as recipes go (steam and pound some potatoes), so for this one we figured it might be interesting to spend some time talking about the science behind the process – to the best of our understanding. The cooking method is super interesting in that you NEED a waxy potato to make it work.

Written recipe over on Reddit’ll probably be a couple days late – we’re doing a bit of filming today, and soon we’ll be off on our trip. I’ll give a barebones recipe here in the meantime:

– Wash the potato, cut out any sprouting bits. Must be a waxy potato (or you can add a tsp of steamed sticky rice to whatever potato you want for the same effect). 300g for this sort of small bowl. Feel free to scale the recipe up if you have a bigger mortar.
– Steam the potato, 20 minutes for a small potato like we used (something bigger like a Russet needs ~40, let’s say 25 min for a Red Bliss to be safe).
– Peel the potato.
– Pound for 5-15 minutes. 5 minutes’ll be less sticky and more silky. 15 minutes’ll be the smoothest. Up to you.
– Add 1/4 tsp salt, 1/8 tsp MSG, 1/4 tsp Sichuan peppercorn powder, 1 sliced fresh chili, 2 minced garlic cloves, 40g of your herbs of choice (we used 20g cilantro 20g green garlic, you could use any combination of those, piecaigen, culantro, common fennel leaves, scallion. Western dill might be nice).

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Video of making Niangao rice cake is here by the way. Not our video, obviously. Nice illustration of the brown sugary sort:

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