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How to cook the perfect pork in 5 unique ways. Absolutely delicious. Chef John showcases some unique recipes and methods of cooking with five of our fan’s favorite pork recipes.

0:18 Char Siu (叉烧) Chinese BBQ Pork Lo Mein
3:09 Shanghai-style red-braised pork (百葉結紅燒肉)
5:09 Dong Po Rou (東坡肉) Braised Pork Belly
7:10 Steamed Pork Ribs with Fermented Bean Paste (豆豉排骨)
8:51 Crystal Pork Terrine (水晶肴肉)

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Dish 1 – Char Siu (叉烧) Chinese BBQ Pork Lo Mein
Chinese BBQ Pork Lo Mein Noodles is a simple but delicious Cantonese dish that’s also easy to make. You can prepare and marinate the BBQ pork overnight in advance and save lots of time.

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Dish 2 – Shanghai-style red-braised pork (百葉結紅燒肉)
Pork belly is becoming increasingly popular and this recipe will show you how to incorporate this fatty meat into a delicious dish. Though the meat has a lot of fat, it is not at all greasy and is balanced with juicy tofu skins that make the entire dish satisfying to make and eat.

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Dish 3 – Dong Po Rou (東坡肉) Braised Pork Belly
This Melt-in-your-mouth and Fall-apart tender Chinese braised pork belly, known as Dong Po Rou in Chinese, is a classic and traditional Chinese specialty dish.

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Dish 4 – Steamed Pork Ribs with Fermented Bean Paste (豆豉排骨)
Tender spare ribs steamed with fermented black soybean sauce is the perfect dish to go with rice or even to enjoy on its own. The entire dish, complete with the light sweetness of pumpkin, is a hearty, filling meal.

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Dish 5 – Crystal Pork Terrine (水晶肴肉)
Famed for its translucent jelly texture and beautiful pink and white color, this Crystal Pork Terrine is usually eaten with vinegar and ginger dip as an appetizer. It is a specialty of Zhenjiang, a small river town of Jiangsu province, China.

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