Incredible Noodle Porridge in Kunming, China (Wan Dou Fen) – Yunnan 2019

Most unique, surprisingly simple, and ultimately wonderful breakfast food, having it for the first time here in Kunming, China.

I love how Chinese food everywhere seems to focus on the simple, full flavors inherit in each ingredient. The soymilk is plain, but GOOD, the noodles, simple, but so TASTY, the dumplings and buns, fresh, quick, and HEARTY, I fell ever more in love with Chinese food on this trip. Of course, another highlight was being able to ride a bicycle from place to place, exploring this new place in my favorite way. Wonderful day, thank you for watching, hope to hear about your own experiences with street food in China (or cycling in China 🙂 ) as well, have a great day today, much love – Joel


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